Dr. Tuan Le

Dr. Ann Nguyen

Dr. Victor Ippolito

Dr. Le is an avid sports fan.  He loves playing and watching sports especially basketball.  He loves conversing and socializing with people.  His fun-loving and friendly personality will engage you.  Always willing to make everyone feel comfortable and at home.  Dr. Le is a perfectionist.  He is meticulous and thorough.  He treats every single patient as if they were his own family member in terms of dental care and quality treatment.  Dr. Le is constantly reading and keeping up to date with the latest advances in dental technology.  He is passionate about dentistry and strives to keep everyone’s mouth healthy and disease free. Dr. Nguyen enjoys cooking and eating out at local restaurants.  She likes trying new recipes and cooking for her family.  She loves to try new and different cuisines.  Dr. Nguyen is very nurturing and caring.  She is extremely patient and gentle especially with children.  She has vast experience with children’s dentition.  Her primary mission is to ensure that each and every person has a good experience at the dentist.  This mission starts at an early age to make sure that no one has a traumatic experience.  She is very sensitive to any type of anxiety and will make certain that all her armamentarium is utilized to provide a pleasant visit.  She loves the “tell, show, do” technique. Children naturally gravitate toward her warmth and compassion. Dr. Ippolito and his wife Patty grew up in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Ohio. Dr. Ippolito graduated from Ohio State dental school and then served in the US Navy.The Navy brought them to San Diego, and they have never left. They have four boys, and a total of 10 grandchildren. So life at home can be very busy. Dr. Ippolito coached Little League for 13 years and assisted Patty in her Antique business.When they are not busy being Grandparents, they volunteer their time with Young Life, San Pasqual Academy Foundation, as well as the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation.Their favorite pastime or vacation time is “cruising” Doctor’s favorite saying is “I’m never going to retire, I love doing Dentistry” so the goal of the staff is keeping him busy doing what he loves when he is in the office.